Welcome to "Plants with 5 elements"!
Aim for the goal by operating the fairy.
"Pixel art" action puzzle game.
The main character, the fairy, can grow plants from the soil.
Use plants as scaffolding or wither them
to open up a path and reach the goal!
A small fairy sealed in a crystal deep in a cave.
A mysterious light awakens the fairies.
The light gave the fairy a magic wand
lead to the outside world.
The fairy was given a mission to find
and guide friends scattered around the world.
A mysterious mechanical creature stands in your way.
It's the beginning of a little fairy adventure.
It woke up from a long sleep.
Embark on an adventure to find friends.
If a fairy enters here,
the stage is cleared.
Soil block
Plant blocks grow from here.
with the magic of fairies.
Plant block
It can be grown or withered
by fairy magic.
An enemy that suddenly stretches out.
Be careful if it moves squeaky!
Fire block
Shoot this block
to kill the enemy.
Water block
When fire and water blocks collide,
they both disappear
A swirling, spiral-shaped enemy
Enemies that go straight until they hit something
2024/5/10 Released version 1.4.1
2024/2/18 Released version 1.4.0
2023/12/8 Released version 1.3.0
2023/11/6 Released version 1.2.0
2023/8/28 Released version 1.1.1
2023/8/24 Released version 1.1.0
2023/2/19 Released version 1.0.2
2023/2/19 Released version 1.0.1
2023/2/17 Distribution started on App Store and Google Play
2023/1/28 Official Discord server opened.
2022/9/19 Exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2022 (held from September 15th to 18th)
TitlePlants with 5 elements
GenreAction puzzle
PlatformiOS (iPhone, iPad) / Android
PriceFree to play(With in-app purchase)
Language English / Japanese / Spanish / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese
Supports gamepad and keyboard input
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